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Can't receive MMSSupport

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  1. BlueBallz

    BlueBallz Member

    All the sudden today I can't receive mms messages. I can still send them fine but cannot receive. It worked fine yesterday and I haven't changed anything since. I have AT&T and have unlimited data. Mobile Data IS checked marked in my settings. And im am bone stock, not rooted or anything running 4.1.2. Even if I send a pic to myself it'll show as sent but I get nothing. But regular SMS works just fine. I've restarted the phone and pulled the battery and still nothing.

    Any Ideas?

  2. taxiron1

    taxiron1 Well-Known Member

    Had the same problem with stock messaging and GO SMS. No one had a solution. I switched to Handscent SMS and the problem went away.
  3. BlueBallz

    BlueBallz Member

    Thanks for the response. I as well couldn't get it to work with GO SMS.
  4. Veritas4420

    Veritas4420 Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem with my AT&T N2. I Factory reset the phone and it works now. I still have trouble sending pictures to Iphone users.
  5. BlueBallz

    BlueBallz Member

    I'm having the same problem with Handscent SMS as well.

    Yeah that's a last resort thing to do a Factory Reset. Don't want to loss anything. I can send MMS's no problem but even if I send them to myself I don't get them. And this just started being any issue within the last day or so.
  6. BlueBallz

    BlueBallz Member

    This is really irritating me. If I do a back up with a factory reset will all my contacts and apps come back after doing the reset?
  7. BlueBallz

    BlueBallz Member

    Well thank you all for the helpful info, but it suddenly started working again. I backed everything up and was about to do a factory reset, but figured I'd try one last time and it worked.

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