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  1. carpediemL7

    carpediemL7 Member

    For whatever reason, my galaxy SII is not receiving my picture messages. In the message thread I can see that I've gotten a picture message, and it will say that it's downloading, but never retrieve it. I also cannot send out picture messages. I'm not sure why this is, because my plan includes multimedia messages. any idea? please help.

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  2. glock19er

    glock19er Member

    did you have wifi on? mine only downloads and sends mms messages with it off. does not make sense to me.
  3. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    Are you rooted? Are you using any type of battery saver like juice defender?

    Are you using juice defender or a battery saving app?

    Pics come through your cell tower data connection. Typically when on wifi phones put the cell radio in a sleep state and it activates when needed (which should be happening when you gets mms)

    Now what throws it all off is that a number of battery savers turn off cellular data when wifi is connected. I recently had the issue with 2 different battery savers (better battery and juice defender). The would not turn data back on ...even after disabling. After uninstalling them I still could not get it send mms. I had to do a hard reset
  4. carpediemL7

    carpediemL7 Member

    No, my phone is not rooted. I am not using battery saver or anything except battery indicator. This shouldn't stop me from sending or receiving mms right?

  5. Stevieboy02008

    Stevieboy02008 New Member

    i had the same issue a couple days ago & was easy & quick fix , everytime my phone does that i turn my phone off then back on & try to resend & it goes through just make sure when you turn your phone off that you wait 30 seconds before turning it back on
  6. ariscotle

    ariscotle New Member

    Today I used Titanium Backup and backed up then uninstalled the on board Messaging app that comes stock on the Galaxy S 2 Skyrocket.

    Since then, I have not been able to send or receive any sort of mms (particularly trying to send and recv pics)

    I went to TB to try and restore the app, but multiple tries produced nothing. It simply does not ever complete any sort of restore app function.

    Is there any way to get this functionality back?
    Sub question... if I needed to just wipe this phone clean and put it back to factory settings is there a way to do this?

    Not a complete n00b, but I do need some help with this stuff.
    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket
    Android Version 2.3.5


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