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  1. no_pulse

    no_pulse New Member

    I just recently purchased an HTC Sensation 4g phone. I'm still getting used to it, previously had an iphone. I'm with Rogers, so I had to unlock my phone so I could use it with Rogers.

    For some reason or another, when someone sends me a picture through sms, nothing appears. I get a little txt box with the option to download. I click on it and the picture never downloads. I read somewhere to turn off WiFi. I tried that and it still doesn't work.

    Can someone please help me?

  2. nygee1jc

    nygee1jc New Member

    I am having this same problem with my LG GT540 and i just cant figure out how to fix it :eek:
  3. no_pulse

    no_pulse New Member

    Could it be the carrier? Since Bell only offers this phone and not Rogers (who i'm with). could it be the sms service number?
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    A SMS with a picture or a short video is a MMS. So maybe it could be your carrier contract.

    I have MMS in my carrier contract, but sometimes there are no pictures.
    So I use the free app 'SaveMMS' and then I get allways the picture which is with the text :)

    You could try that app.

  5. RusskiyParen

    RusskiyParen Active Member

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