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Can't *receive* text messages...Support

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  1. LUMtnHwk

    LUMtnHwk Member

    Here's one for y'all. Searched and nobody is reporting this issue yet so here goes.

    Can't receive text messages.

    I got the Error 64 last night for sending - when I got to work today I updated PRL and Profile and I don't have any issues sending text messages.

    FB Chat works, so I've managed to keep in touch with people that way...hence how I know they're getting my text messages I send.

    However, they send replies which I don't receive.

    I am using Handcent SMS. I just went through a thread for a different phone and found the tip to check off Auto-Retrieve, so I've now done that.

    Service at my house is basically zero, so hopefully that will fix the problem when I'm back in a service region tomorrow, but in the mean time: what can I do to best assure that I'll receive people's text messages? Guesses as to what the issue is?

  2. simplyeff

    simplyeff Member

    Nothing new unfortunately. This is same issue lots have reported and complained about (including myself) just titled cant send or something to that effect. Can't send or receive.

    More than likely it is that Virgin's system has setup your services incorrectly.
    Several people have reported success with calling tech support and asking them nicely to completely wipe and re-provisioned ALL your services. Not I.
    The ONLY way I was able to get this fixed was for them to literally transfer my services and re-provisioned them on a completely different phone and then transfer them back. I wasted over a week of talking to the tier 3 techs and waiting before I purchased a different phone - transferred - worked - hated the phone (was built poorly) - transferred back to the original evo - and working.

    2 possible solutions, give em a try =)
  3. LUMtnHwk

    LUMtnHwk Member

    I was able to send messages out just fine, and there were no error messages for not receiving, which was the weird part about it. Typically people complaining of the errors couldn't send messages out either.

    I called VM today and the technician was able to work magic on his end of the phone and get my phone to work again.

    I am guessing that he fixed my services and/or reprovisioned it.
  4. 041344992

    041344992 New Member

    Contact virgin mobile and tell them that you want technical support to help you
  5. prepaiduser

    prepaiduser Active Member

    when i had the phone it happened to me a few times a day - it is related to the not receiving calls issue. when calls werent coming in, neither were the texts. returned the junk phone. if you look at sprint forums, htc phones have a lot of issues
  6. jr2673

    jr2673 Well-Known Member

    it has to do with you sending a text when receiving one or one that was downloading media pic or something delete the last MMS or MSG you where sending when it happen if not Delete them all and see what happens.
  7. jmatherly411

    jmatherly411 Well-Known Member

    I've had this same error code the error would vary daily sometimes once a day or ten times a day, finally I got fed up with it was getting very annoying. I called Virgin Mobile and was transferred to their tech dept. I was on the phone for about an hour with the rep which was very friendly and helpful. He re-provisioned my phone and told me to update my profile through software updates. First time I got an error trying to update my profile 10 minutes later I tried again after the rep did something on a computer I assume and updated successfully. Haven't had the error since I called them, the rep also gave me 100 bonus minutes for my troubles. ;)

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