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  1. cbcbcbcb

    cbcbcbcb Member

    Can't seem to solve this problem on a relative's Triumph.

    Their Triumph can send/receive SMS & MMS just fine with mine so I assume VM-to-VM works but the problem lies with other carriers.

    They tried messaging Verizon, and I think Sprint, phones.
    Sending out SMS from their Triumph works fine (i.e. the other people get the sms) but my relative's Triumph cannot receive SMS from other carriers, yet they can receive MMS! Very odd.

    Tried wiping cache, factory reset (from both Settings and recovery mode), even rooted and installed latest MTDEV-CM7 build (they had stock) but no dice.
    Anyone with advice or similar experience? This is a weird problem :(

  2. zygomorph

    zygomorph Member

    I had something similar happen a long time ago with a different carrier (Page Plus) after I ported my number in from Virgin Mobile. (I have since switched back.) It turned out to be a problem at the network level and the way texts were getting routed, not a problem with the phone.
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  3. cbcbcbcb

    cbcbcbcb Member

    Yeah it's starting to sound like it's on their end. Thanks for the perspective!

    edit: Just wanted to say it ended up fixing itself so it must have been a network issue.

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