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  1. tommytwisted

    tommytwisted New Member

    I cant recieve texts from iphones please help

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    If they're sending you texts - SMS messages, using SMS protocol - you should receive them. If they're sending you iMessages (the default) you won't receive anything - Android can't do iMessage (since Apple owns the protocol and won't allow Google to use it). If you switched from an iPhone to an Android, and didn't remove your iPhone from iMessage before you switched, all the texts are going to your old phone (IOW, the garbage can). (The fix for the last one is a trip to a Genius Bar.)
  3. adrienne0914

    adrienne0914 New Member

    i'm having the same problem. but i recently switched from iPhone 4. i turned off iMessages on my iPhone. so now i get texts from some iPhones but not others. so i called Verizon today, and they actually transferred me to someone at Apple. she said that the problem is that some of the iPhones are not running the latest version of their iOS. i believe that's BS, but whatever. she said you should have your friends delete and add you again so that your contact will no longer be associated with iMessages. she also said to try starting a new text thread with the people you're not getting texts from. none of this has worked for me, by the way... :banghead:
  4. tommytwisted

    tommytwisted New Member

    The trick is change ur apple id password. Weird but it works
  5. adrienne0914

    adrienne0914 New Member

    right... now i don't get texts on either phone. lol
  6. speedlever

    speedlever Well-Known Member

    We added another line of service to our account a couple of months ago.. a new iPhone 5s. There is one number the new phone refuses to text to... my GS4 number! And I've never had an iPhone or iMessages set up anywhere.

    Everytime the user tries to text me, it spits the text back telling her to use a valid 10 digit number (which has been verified.. and deleted and retyped to no avail).

    AT&T first said it was an Apple issue... then said it was a network issue... and now say it's a problem with iOS and we need to take it to an Apple store for resolution.

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