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  1. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

    I can't figure this one out


    I'm not on a call. Even rebooted and still get the error. I tried last week and got the same thing. 3rd party Camera apps work fine. Just the stock one? Anyone else having this issue?

  2. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

    nobody can even venture a guess, well like most things in life i solved it myself. a while ago i notified everyone about the way to activate the "ok google" hotword while in any app or lockscreen, that feature somehow convinces the camera that its on a call. i just started deleting apps and it still gave me the error. looked online and found other LG users are having that problem. especially the G2 (which my wife just got today).
  3. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    Air max 95's!!!! Best shoes ever! Sorry no idea about your issue tho
  4. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    Shoot, I applied the same ok Google setting you had posted and now have the same issue!!! Wtf
  5. ZAXIS

    ZAXIS Well-Known Member

    Deff ok Google setting, undid it and video records again, that's weird
  6. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

    Weird indeed. I can live without that feature. Need my camera though
  7. xry75

    xry75 Well-Known Member

    i checked the new google camera app, it works just fine with the voice settings on. just doesnt work with stock camera app.
  8. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

    I checked the same thing. That night I downloaded the Google camera abd nexus camera and they both worked. Just not the stock. I just disabled the "Okay Google" feature. Don't use it that much. Need the camera though
  9. mikeca

    mikeca Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure this was also randomly causing my phone to stay awake and was killing the battery rapidly. Has been ok since I shut the "everywhere" off but it's only been a few hours (I have an HTC desire btw). But thought it applied as the topic was about the google now everywhere causing problems. My video was working fine though.
  10. dretheg

    dretheg New Member

    Went into the Google app, menu button brings up list, on that list is "voice" and if you go in you can turn off the "OK Google in any screen" feature. That fixed it for me!
  11. dizzle16

    dizzle16 Well-Known Member

    I don't have the Volt any more but thank you

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