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    Feb 13, 2011
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    Hi all, thought I'd see if any of you have ideas while I stare at my phone. To emphasize: I can't do a damn thing right now because the Motoblur registration isn't working!

    The Story:

    So, everything was (mostly) working but I made the mistake of uninstalling a system app with Titanium... things got a little screwy, and I thought, no problem, just do a hard reset since I hear it's good initially for the battery life anyway. The problems weren't that bad, I just realized that I should have frozen rather than uninstalled, and of course Titanium won't restore an app that isn't there.

    So, I went through the Android recovery, and it booted up just fine into the Motoblur registration. I tried to sign into my account via the cellular network first, but the 'Next' button wasn't doing anything. It would change color when I pressed it and go back to normal when I let go. Next up, I tried the wireless. IP address obtained, looks good- same thing. I checked my router (running pfSense) to see that the phone was indeed trying to connect to a number of locations, some that I can ping (*, seems to be google somehow).

    When I try the 'Forgot Password?' button, it just hangs at 80% on 'Retrieving Password'.

    I'm not sure if I'm just very unlucky and the Motoblur registration servers are down (and have been for 3 hours), or something else is going on. Ideas?

    EDIT: I can see that it's established with the Motorola-registered IP of on port 5222. So, something must be awry with my phone despite the hardware reset?


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