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Can't remove DR.WEBSupport

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  1. gNormal

    gNormal New Member

    I've tried every uninstaller in the AppMarket and can not get rid of this program. I know it's my fault for downloading the thing and having learned my lesson will never download anything unknown to me again.

    I've followed the Amazon AppMarket instructions and that has resulted in nada. The app just won't uninstall!

    It's also causing crashes with the Application screen.

  2. luvduchovny

    luvduchovny Well-Known Member

    Did you try the regular way? Going to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications look for the program choose that and click the uninstall button there? Is the uninstall button grayed out? Do you get a message when you try to uninstall that says you are not allowed to do it?

    Dare I ask what Dr. Web is suppose to be?
  3. jimyuen3

    jimyuen3 New Member

    How to uninstall Dr. Web from Android Phone:
    Go to "Settings" -> "Security" -> "Select device administrators" -> unchceck "Dr.Web anti-virus" -> "Deactivate".
    When prompt, please enter the password previously configured when Dr.Web anti-theft is activated.
    After it is deactivated, Dr.Web anti-virus can be uninstalled as a regular software.:):)
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  4. vahidtj

    vahidtj New Member

    thank you very very very very very much
    I had this problem for 2 month
    i love you...!!!!
  5. mks64

    mks64 New Member

    Thanks for your help

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