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can't remove platinum caseAccessories

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  1. kirbysawhoor

    kirbysawhoor Member

    So I bought the kind of rubbery platinum black case from bestbuy, the one that has 2 pieces that snap together from front and back. Can't get it off though, friend got it off but used scissors when i wasn't looking and scratched it. Anyone have any ideas? killing my fingernails trying to get it apart

  2. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    I think your suppose to pull apart from top to bottom


    Found this from my thread

    Push down on the middle part of the bottom piece and you should be able to slide the top piece off. Then slide the bottom piece off from there. Once you have the pieces off, you'll noticed a grooved area that allows the bottom and top piece to stay connected while on your phone.
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  3. kirbysawhoor

    kirbysawhoor Member

    I think that's for the other one that is split in two from the middle of the phone(or hamburger style), mine splits from the sides/outline of the phone. there's a tiny slot to stick somethin in but i can't think of anything that won't scratch it in the process
  4. Kingkoa

    Kingkoa Well-Known Member

    My body glove was like that and you were suppose stick a coin and twist
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  5. kirbysawhoor

    kirbysawhoor Member

    kinda figured it out, guess you just gotta get really mad at it.
  6. dornier

    dornier Well-Known Member

    I figured it out. Just gently squeeze the sides of the top portion just above where the case separates and it just popped up and I was able to slide the top part off followed by the bottom piece. Hope this helps,

  7. camdz

    camdz Well-Known Member

    Actually they come off really easy if you know how to remove it. I tried one on in the store and had the same problem. One of the salesmen had to show me. There is a hard plastic area at the bottom right corner of the phone (when looking at the screen). Place a penny/nickel/quarter/etc in there and twist. It pops the two pieces apart.

    Edit- I should have read the whole thread..someone already mentioned a coin.
  8. RMM44

    RMM44 New Member

    I struggled with it for an hour.

    The sole correct, easy, and safe way to remove it is to press down in the middle of the bottom case piece near the seam between the two pieces. There is a small tab that locks the top and bottom pieces together, and pushing down separates them.

    Once the tab is depressed they slip apart easily. If you try a coin or any other implement you will only scratch the phone or damage the case.
  9. BionicVegas

    BionicVegas New Member

    ok. That case drove me into partial insanity. I have the Platinum case for the Bionic purchased at Best Buy. I'm busy and could only attempt to open sporadically over the course of two days! The horrifying series of events came to a conclusion on Halloween.

    Here's the deal: 1. Put the screen side down on your thigh (sitting). 2. Left hand on the top half; right hand on the bottom. Grip it and keep it tight with both 3. On the lower end of the case locate the seam area and use your index/forefinger to press HARD on the down arrow icon/seam area. 4. Pull the top part away (left). 5. Celebrate your Victory!!!

    If this doesn't work; smash your phone into pieces with a hammer. It's the only way other than opening the case to feel better about the whole mess. Thanks,
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  10. Ember

    Ember Well-Known Member

    Actually just lift the top half and slide out.. Simple..
  11. bmf2284

    bmf2284 New Member

    I also bought the same case for my bionic and have tried two days to take it off....unbelievable
  12. BOCTOK

    BOCTOK New Member

    This worked for my wife's phone. But don't squeeze directly on the sides, but sort of the side as it curves up and over the back to get the top piece to "bow" up slightly in the middle and then press the middle of the bottom side. Slides right off.
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  13. Kxronos

    Kxronos New Member

    Thank you BOCTOK. You're tip saved me from breaking my Note 2 a part trying to remove the same case.

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