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  1. Lyzzard1989

    Lyzzard1989 New Member

    Hello. I am new, so please be kind. Last days i can't run any game. For example NFS Shift. I had played this game 2-3 moths ago. But now, when i want run, I see only EA and, it return me to android's menu. In Angry Birds games, only RIO work. Bakstab, 9mm, NFS Hot Pursuite when i install this, i see "application has not installed" .

    GTA 3 work but very slow (FPS is small)
    Assassin Creed work good, but it dont save my position in game.
    Interesting is at the Asphalt 5 !! When i press "Restart" I see "Quit curent race"

    PLease anybody can help me ?
    Android 2.3.5 Swedish Snow


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