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Can't save Contacts to PhoneSupport

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  1. ShadowDAW

    ShadowDAW New Member

    Hi everyone

    I guess I got a problem with my acer phone. I tried resetting with and without SD card, formated the SD card, but nothing works.

    I Rooted my phone a couple of days ago and removed couple of apps I didn't need (like spinlet and stuff)

    Now here's the problem...
    Whenever I try to save a contact's number, I don't have the option of saving the contact to my phone. Sim and Gmail-account work fine.

    Can anyone help me with this problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    ;) Classic.

    Welcome to Android Forums. :)

    Please list the removed apps.

    When apps/widgets are removed from a rooted Android device, often the links to services and/or the services themselves are rendered useless for other remaining apps/widgets, which can cause all sorts of behaviors and lack of functionality.

    Doing a factory data reset does not always resolve those issues, as you're seeing.

    It's a very common occurrence when rooting prior to researching safe app removal for that device and Android OS version.
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  3. ShadowDAW

    ShadowDAW New Member

    I was smart enough to move all the unwanted apps to my sdcard. So I didn't
    lose any of the apps.
    As you said: Removing apps might have done the trick. With that in mind I reinstalled all the removed apps and guess what: It's back again (GOD, I'm such a newb at this -_-")

    So now, it seems logical that I will monitor all the taken steps: Which app caused the 'Save contact to your Phone'-option to fade away? I will figure this out and report back to this thread, so that if someone else (like me) did this stupid thing, they at least know what to do in an instant.

    Frisco, thanks for the reply! :)

    Hopefuly you won't hear from me again -_-" ^_^
  4. ShadowDAW

    ShadowDAW New Member

    Rechecking the steps I made:

    Apparently removing Acer Sync makes the option go bazooka's.
    The fact that I removed it doesn't make me feel smart AT ALL! :)

    So, If you accidentaly removed it:

    Reinstall the app and open it afterwards, so the links and processes can restart

    So, fixed my own problem.

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