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  1. h_m_b

    h_m_b New Member

    I have just changed my 18 month old HTC Wildfire to an HTC Desire C however, I don't seem to be able to scan bar codes successfully with my new phone.

    The Amazon App, and various Bar Code scanning apps just don't seem to work. Most of the apps tried seem to have little green balls running and flickering along the red line which I assume you have to hold over the bar code but nothing happens.

    However, if I scan a QR code that works fine???

    Am getting very frustrated as my old phone didn't seem to have any problems in doing this.

    Is it user error or have I just made a bad choice in my phone selection? :eek:

  2. alan666notb

    alan666notb Active Member

  3. alan666notb

    alan666notb Active Member

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  4. MrCarrot

    MrCarrot Well-Known Member

    This issue is because HTC in their infinite wisdom didn't give the camera auto-focus. Which is ridiculous really (I would happily have paid an extra
  5. h_m_b

    h_m_b New Member

    Thanks for the tip of the Pic2shop Barcode & QR Scanner will download it now and give it a try.
    Yes I agree, had I known that the camera was as limited as it is I'd have perhaps made a difference choice of phone. Amazing that my 18 month old phone was better for this function, DOH!
  6. h_m_b

    h_m_b New Member

    B R I L L I A N T news, just used the app for the first time and immediately it scanned and found the book I was testing. Thank you, thank you, thank you alan666notb :D:D:D
    I was almost at the stage when I thought I might even take the phone back as I was still in my cooling off period, but I love everything else about it and it works so much better than my old one.

    Such a shame that HTC didn't see that the lack of auto focus and flash would give the consumers such problems.

    Thanks for helping me - regards Helen
  7. MrCarrot

    MrCarrot Well-Known Member

    Believe it or not my 4 year old phone (also with a 5 mega pixel camera) took better photos simply because it had auto-focus.

    The flash doesn't bother me too much, because they drain the battery and usually aren't much good on phones anyway. But the lack of auto focus makes it useless for anything other than uploading photos to Facebook. You can't even photograph close up items, and as per this thread can't scan barcodes easily.
  8. Stevilinho

    Stevilinho New Member

    soo with this phone i cant scan my bluray barcodes into my movies app so i can keep track of the films i own?

    that sucks guess i must do it though the app on my computer then
  9. AnotherJohnH

    AnotherJohnH Member

    Take a look at posts 5 and 6 above: try pic2shop.


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