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  1. txheart0711

    txheart0711 Active Member

    Hi y'all,
    I finally managed to flash my phone back to stock, so now I'm trying to ... ahem, "customize" it again. The market shows me with 2 phones, the first is "phone" and that is the only one that is getting the apps I try to download. The other is "Huawei Ascend M860" or something, and that one isn't doing anything for me. I assume that 2nd one came from flashing a different RoM.

    First thing's first, get RoM Manager ... I bought the premium version about a year ago. Market shows purchased but let me download the license copy. The RoM Manager itself shows installed though, and it is not on my phone. I've gone through the manage apps, looked thru the phone & sd card using file manager, looked thru my app drawer, the only RoM thingy there is the license. When I click on it in the market it asks me which phone I want it installed to, the "phone" or the 2nd. Phone, the only one that is getting these downloads now, is greyed out - says it's not compatible.

    I have rooted using Z4. Is there something that I'm supposed to do before I can download the RoM Manager app? It's been a while since I did this, and I seriously messed it up the last time, so I don't think I want to remember what I did then. Is there some reason the latest Rom manager won't download to my 2.1 android? I need the dang CWM before I can start messing stuff up again! lol


  2. txheart0711

    txheart0711 Active Member

    FYI, I've tried appbrain, androidapps, androidzoom, and android-apps but I've encountered the following problems:
    Downloaded rom mgr to sd card, click install, something was wrong with it, won't install.
    Using bar code scanner, scan the qm code, it tries to open, then I get a box that says not found.
    clicking direct download on 2 of those sites resulted in not found. Appbrain has their hyperlink messed up and trying to fix it hasn't let me get it downloaded.

    So, long story short, how the heck can I get rom manager back on my phone? lol ... am I supposed to do something else first? All I've done so far is root.
  3. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member that there are apps for downloading ROMS. Don't get me.wrong ROM Manager is a good app. Want to do it all old school or is this your primary phone:confused:
    HOLLA back;)
  4. txheart0711

    txheart0711 Active Member

    It's my only phone. And since I messed up so badly last time I really just want to use something like RM and let it do everything for me. Something dummy proof. lol RM worked great for downloading the CM roms, and I thought I would like to try Icarus, but first I need CWM installed, and the easiest way to do that (that I know of) is RM.
  5. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Here is I got it all set up:
    Will be around if you need help:D
  6. txheart0711

    txheart0711 Active Member

    FYI, I absolutely ADORE your pic!! There's pretty much nothin in the world I love more than my baby rottie. He's not a baby anymore, but he sure is a mama's boy. lol ... he's 165 lbs and on his hind legs can take a treat from hubby's hand at 6'2" but he's the sweetest & gentlest baby ever! That is, unless someone gets too close to me that he doesn't know, he tends to let people know that's close enough right quick.


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