can't send email in gmail.......... can we fix this?

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  1. mslisaj

    mslisaj Well-Known Member

    All I can say is it used to work. I cleared data and rebooted but it still won't send.
    Everything else works as advertised.

    thanks for your help.....


  2. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    If you have a custom recovery flashed, you could boot into that and try wiping cache and Dalvik cache. That can solve a lot of weird problems.

    To boot into recovery, which would probably be ClockworkMod Recovery, you power down your handset. You then press the volume down button and power button until it takes you into the bootloader where you can select recovery. There you can wipe cache. Finally, go into Advanced and wipe Dalvik cache.
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  3. mslisaj

    mslisaj Well-Known Member

    Thank you LBPHeretic for your response and help. I do have "Clockwork Mod Recovery" but didn't have to get there. But just a question on your recommendations. I have a cache cleaning program that works well but you recommended wiping the Dalvik Cache too. I was always under the impression that the Dalvik was where the heart of the device was. Wipe that and you loose everything. Should that be cleared periodically as a form of preventative maintenance? Maybe you could refer me to a forum where they talk about the Dalvik and I can learn more about it and what it does and how to handle it.

    But anyway here is how I finally fixed the Hero. I was doing a lot of research on this this weekend and everyone was saying to clear cache and data. Well I did that. But then I ran into someone that said something to the effect that when Google updated the Gmail they kind of installed a second Google mail program and to clear that one too. Sure enough I went in and cleared "Data" only as that was the only option I had in BOTH programs and it started working again. I also learned that this problem I had "can" occur after a Nandroid restore. Well, last week I installed a program that I didn't like and the only way to get back to where I was was to do a restore. This apparently is what killed (for some reason) my ability to send Gmail. But alls right with the world now and I thanks for the help.


    Lisa :)
  4. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    I am glad that you were able to rectify your GMail issue. For what it is worth, one of the advantages of having Android 2.2 and up is that you get fast updates to the GMail app because it is available for download in the Google Play Store.

    As for Dalvik cache, it is basically the code of your apps compiled into bytecode, which is much easier and more efficient for your CPU to process quickly. So, all wiping Dalvik cache does is clear that out, but it immediately gets rebuilt when you reboot and subsequently use your apps. This is also why the first boot after flashing a new ROM takes a bit longer than normal. Your Dalvik cache can be wiped with no ill effects, and if you feel something is not working correctly or your handset just feels sluggish, give it a try.
  5. mslisaj

    mslisaj Well-Known Member

    Thanks LBPHeretic for taking your time to respond to this question. Okay, so Dalvik is nothing to worry about wiping out and then the system will just redo a fresh copy............... got it...............

    As far as 2.2 goes I was always under the impression 2.1 was as high as the old Hero would go so I have been here and it's okay. About a year or so ago I went from a custom ROM to this rooted 2.1 and life has been good. My internal memory has been steadily going away and I think I only have about 25mb's left. For some reason it's the HTC mail data that keeps on growing. Don't quite know how to handle that one but in a few months I'll be getting warnings on "Low Memory" again and it will be time to do something. The last time it was move up to 2.1 so If I'm facing this again I'll just deal with it.

    Thanks again for your continued help.

    Lisa ;)
  6. sherri

    sherri Well-Known Member

    Different phone, but had issues all weekend with Gmail not sending. I just deleted the entire account/application. Reinstalled and it worked.
  7. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    You can flash an Android 2.2 or Android 2.3 ROM on the Sprint HTC Hero without any issues and there are quite a few benefits from doing that. I understand that staying within the stability and familiarity of the stock Android 2.1 with HTC Sense ROM is more your cup of tea though, and that is okay too. ;)

    I never did have that HTC E-Mail client growing in size issue that you have had. I wish I knew of a good way to fix it short of doing a factory data reset. :(
  8. mslisaj

    mslisaj Well-Known Member

    Well LBPHeretic here is what I did. I am good at following directions and I wiped the Dalvik and the Hero seems to be working a little smoother. That was a painless process as you said it would be. Plus I gained a little memory back.

    On the memory issue, when I bump into that wall I'm going to delete the HTC email client and see what happens. I'm thinking I may be able to use the Gmail email client to handle my non-Gmail email account and be done with this growing monster or cancer inside my phone. It's the only thing that Titanium shows to be four times larger then any other program in my device. So if I start hacking at this tree that is where I'm going to start.

    I'm so tempted to go to the CM7 (2.3) but I so depend on PDAnet and a couple of other programs I just have always played it safe and I'm just going to hang out with the 2.1.6 for now. Everything works in a pretty good predictable fashion, I'm just used to it's bugs and know where they come up. With that said my friends with IPhones, well they are very smooth devices and I would move there except I love the Android community and I truly enjoy the versatility that Android guys have. I'll be talking a new phone next year so I'll bring that discussion back here for advice on the next phone for me..............

    Thanks again for all your continued help and comments. Always appreciated.

    Lisa :)

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