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cant send mmsGeneral

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  1. zeal426

    zeal426 New Member

    hey im haveing trouble sending mms on my ascend 2, its rooted n i have cm7.2 on my device and im running gingerbread 2.3.5. dont know if that makes a difff but just wanted to put that out there just incase.. i can recieve mms just fine, but when i try to send one it just says "sending" and they never get the image. i see settings for a custom user-agent but have no clue what it so didnt wanna mess with it untill i got some feedback.. any help would b greatly appreciated.

  2. papituro

    papituro New Member

    you have to use the voice dialer and say A P N slowly to open the APN setting to set up the right APN's for your device and carrier just go to your carriers website and ask for apn settings and put them into your device and save and select so you can have them set up right... then dont forget to dial *228 and wait for the phone to be programmed then restart your phone and around 10 minutes after your phone should be sending mms... test it by sending yourself a mms
  3. papituro

    papituro New Member

  4. zeal426

    zeal426 New Member

    i tried to do that but when i open the apn settings theres nothing there.. just like a blank menu.
  5. JHell

    JHell Well-Known Member

    Press the menu button once ur in the apn settings to add an apn

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