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  1. mchevallier

    mchevallier New Member

    If this is a dumb question I apologize. I've had the original HTC Incredible for the last two years and just got a Samsung Stratosphere yesterday.

    Does this phone require you to have the data connection on constantly in order to be able to send/receive pics by text? I am not able to send/receive pictures by text unless I have the data connection on. With my last phone it would automatically turn on the data connection when receiving/sending a picture and then would shut it off.

    I took it to the store and of course, it worked fine. (Data connection was on.) However, there are still some points when I cannot receive or send pictures regardless. (It says "Downloading" and never changes.) They suggested I remove the battery and SIM card for 10 minutes and then put them back in. It did not help the problem.

    Doing some Google searching suggests that I try a factory reset. I will but only as a last resort since I don't want to pull contacts from my old phone again. I also prefer not to have the data connection on constantly as it drains the battery. That of course means having to get an extended battery, battery cover, and extended battery case. :(

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions that you can give.

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  2. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    someone else with this issue solved it by turning off the automatic download for picture messages and simply hits download ont hem when they come in after confirming that they are on mobile data, i have not noticed this problem personally however
  3. musicmama

    musicmama Member

    This is the only thing that worked for me in terms of downloading. I haven't had a problem with sending pictures in text messages, just receiving them. I do have mobile data on and I ended up getting an extended battery because it does run out quickly, even on 3G only.
  4. MeLittleMe

    MeLittleMe Active Member

    That was me. And, yes, you have to have Data on to send/receive pics. I found if Data was off, you got a warning that pic couldn't be sent but got hung pics that were trying to download. Turning off auto download "fixed" my problem by allowing me to see that a pic wanted to come down, then giving me the ability to turn on Data then hit the download option on the pic.

    Factory reset and Verizon suggestions to "remove battery/SIM and then put them back" fixes nothing but it does make the Verizon employees feel like they are helping you.
  5. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    i can get through a full day with mobile data on without needing to charge my stratosphere.
  6. kthomasva

    kthomasva New Member

    My head is dizzy :eek: with trying to figure this out. I keep data on all the time but have wi-fi in my home and yet, still receiving the multi-media is downloading message with an expiration date. First time it happened Verizon told me to remove battery, re-install and I was seemingly good to go. That was about two weeks ago. I've been removing that damn battery all day to no avail!!
  7. spooner55

    spooner55 New Member

    hi all, my wife has a Strat. and when she texts a pic it turns it into a video. she can receive them fine but sends them out as video. i receive them from her just fine but not her sister. any help..
  8. shrpshtr325

    shrpshtr325 Well-Known Member

    if you are on a wifi network android disconnects from mobile data

    you need to disconnect from wifi and enable mobile data to recieve mms messages
  9. spooner55

    spooner55 New Member

    she wasn't on wifi. it does it every time
  10. wsdivall

    wsdivall New Member

    I am unable to send/receive pictures via text. I have tried to do everything I've been reading online... but to no avail. I removed battery for 10 minutes. Nothing. I have gone to settings/wireless & networks/mobile networks and confirmed that the "mobile data enabled" box is checked. Still not working. And yes, I do have a data plan.

    Any words of wisdom?
  11. MeLittleMe

    MeLittleMe Active Member

    Go down to your local Verizon office, hand them the phone, tell them the problem and tell them to make it work or give you a new phone and better at no cost.
  12. checkers67

    checkers67 New Member

    The only way I could get to send pictures on Samsung Stratosphere. Un-check Voice Privacy in Call settings.

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