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  1. Cor594

    Cor594 New Member

    so for whatever reason a couple of days ago my samsung captivate randomly started not being able to send text messages. whenever i type out a text and hit send it will attempt to send and then tell me the message has failed to send, despite the phone haveing three or more bars. (i live in an area with fairly good att reception). also my ability to receive texts is rather sporatic. i will get bunches of texts coming in at once sent all at times earlier in the day. I've tried resetting my phone, checking for water dammage, rebooting, taking the battery and sim out, and making sure my messageing center is set to all the correct settings. everything checks out perfectly fine so im really confused as to what the problem could be. anyone know how i can fix this?

    EDIT* i thought maybe my phone's software was outdated and that could be the reason for this issue but that only pointed out another problem. i attempted to connect to the DM server to check for updates but the phone just tells me "connecting to dm server" and then does nothing no matter how long i leave it to connect.

  2. Adam719

    Adam719 New Member

    I have the same problem sending messages with mine occasionally. When a message fails to send I try again in a few seconds until it goes through. I always have good reception, I don't know if the "death grip" comes into play or not.
    As far as not receiving messages I called AT&T on that because I was having the same problem (though not since upgrading to Froyo). I was told that the Captivate does that from time-to-time for some unknown reason. What I had to do was pull the sim card and put it in another phone then send myself a test message. The AT&T person said that sometimes one message gets stuck in queue and blocks all the other messages after that, swapping phones unblocks the first message and the rest come rushing in.
  3. automagrt

    automagrt Well-Known Member

    I've had the same thing happen to me. AT&T was stumped. They finally had me pull the SIM card and put it in another phone like Adam719 said which fixed it. The tech couldn't explain why though. It hasn't happened again.
  4. 2manyPHONES

    2manyPHONES Well-Known Member

    I had this problem again couple times over a 3 month period and finally I was sick of it and dealing with tech support so I went to a corp store and they gave me a new sim card and i never had the problem again.
  5. vestal1975

    vestal1975 Member

    As a tech rep for AT&T I can tell you guys that there is an open trend for Captivate's not receiving text messages. The band aid fix is to remove the SIM and place in another phone, then once the messages come in on that phone then place your SIM back in your Captivate.

    I say band aid as the issue can reoccur shortly after, the issue appears to be a software issue and not a service issue. Samsung had said it could be an app that has been download onto the phone and is blocking the texts from coming in, acting like a firewall. Sort of makes sense as BB apps have been known to do that. But that theory doesn't sit well with the people that have never downloaded any apps.
  6. LarrynKy

    LarrynKy Active Member

    Why give AT&T more moeny for is just as easy with no add on fee. Texting is a major ripoff
  7. jebova2301

    jebova2301 Member

    i am thinking the problem may be Advanced Task Killer by ReChild. I have experienced this problem more than a few times. ever since i uninstalled that app, never had it happen again. of my friends with captivates, the only ones that have this issue are the ones who have that specific app on their phones.
  8. babs1921

    babs1921 Active Member

    Has happened to me twice in the last week on my captivate...already got one reset done and I'm starting to get mad...I'll try the sim card switch when I have access to another phone, but until them I think it had something to do with Lookout... something worth looking into...thanks all for sim card tip..I'll try the band aid...better than another reset at least...

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