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  1. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I've had my phone for a long time and just ignored that I couldn't send pictures through a text. Then I realized I could post here and hope someone could help me. I don't have a data plan either if that makes any difference, but anyway when i try to send one or receive one it just says the service is unavailable right now or can't download right now. Anyone have this as well, or know how to fix it?

  2. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    You need data enabled to send MMS. I have a data plan - if i turn data off on my phone, texts can be sent and received, but not MMS. When I turn data on, MMS sends find.

    Sorry dude (or dudess...).
  3. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    Haha just dude, so I tryed with my wi-fi and it doesn't work. So basically I have to have a data plan or this feature won't work, if I understand correctly?
  4. jiilik

    jiilik Well-Known Member

    Yeah - you're screwed.

    From the technical side: I'm not quite sure all the network details about MMS, but it gets associated with a standard text message in order to inform the recipient of delivery. If you're on wifi, that means that the text message goes out over the mobile network while the pic would have to go out over wifi. Seems that doesn't work.

    (On a related note, text messages don't use the data plan because they are not proper data... they are essentially running on a sub-band of the normal digital voice connection, iirc.)

    What you could do is use an app like Google+ (they have an automatic photo upload thing, which works over wifi, and links to picasa) and then text the link.

  5. rymanh

    rymanh Well-Known Member

    you should try Handcent Sms,, if you download the app and sign up for handcent services then click on mms+ you will be able to send any type of mms over wifi but the only drawback is its more complicated for the recipient to open it
  6. DC1022

    DC1022 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys for the clearing up of this subject, and I've used handcent in the past, but lately it's been force closing alot so unistalled. I'll give it a go once they update again. Anyway It wasn't a big deal, but really appreciate the help.
  7. habsrule29

    habsrule29 Member

    I use gosms and I can send pics that way in the form of a link that gets sent to the recipient.
  8. callmeviny

    callmeviny New Member

    hey i hav a question. i know i need to turn on data in order to send mms but in my contract it says that i hav unlimited photo messaging so will i get factured if i send mms via the data? thanks
  9. karendar

    karendar Well-Known Member

    If you use an APN setting that doesn't logon to your data plan, but has MMS configured, it would work.

    Non TELUS devices: set up data
  10. abcmissme

    abcmissme Member

    THANKS SO MUCH FOR POSTING THIS! It sucks though because I don't have much data on my plan but I'm glad I now know why it never worked for years now. Initially on my Motorola Milestone and now on my Samsung Galaxy S2 X. Damn carriers. *sigh*

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