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Can't send sms messages - can receive them OKSupport

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  1. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

    Hi folks,

    Since I picked up my Captivate yesterday, I have been unable to send sms messages. I noticed under Messaging/Settings that the "Message Center" is not set. Could that be the problem?

    Could some of you take a look at what your "Message Center" is set to?

    - Thanks

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  2. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

    I just answered my own question with some research on the att.com site.

    I set the empty message center to +13123149810 and all seem Ok now.

    - Dennis
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  3. ghostfox1

    ghostfox1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, mine did the same thing. I was messing with stuff I wasn't sure I was supposed to be messing with, so I'm blaming it on myself.
  4. lildoggs

    lildoggs Member

    Hey Dennis. Thankyou so much for your posts. I know its an old thread but, I updated the firmware on my phone about 4 days ago and I was unable to send texts. I didn't even try until today. I sent my sister a text earlier today and once I was done writing my looooong text I sent it and got back a message that said failed. I thought it was the firmware that was faulty I was about to reflash it and lose all my info again. So I decided to google it and you post came out first. Anyway's problem fixed. Thankyou
  5. Dennis_Bham

    Dennis_Bham Well-Known Member

    You are welcome lildoggs ... forums like this indeed can help a lot of people (but you have to filter thru the noise) ... I have found many helpful items here too.

    The "thanks" button on the lower right below a post is also a way to give recorded thanks to a contributor.

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  6. LVBeto

    LVBeto New Member

    Thanks for the help! Just for clarification, don't forget the + before the number or it won't work.
  7. simbill

    simbill Member

    FYI: I changed my launcher using SGS tools to the "Faster TouchWhiz by GTG" and could not send SMS messages, but could recieve. I had to go into settings from the stock messaging app and change the message service center from "none" to the AT&T number +13123149810 and then REBOOT.
  8. nekropsi

    nekropsi New Member

    Hello guys,

    If you encounter a problem in changing the SMSC number in Android that means you have to convert the format of the service center number (+13123149810) to Hexadecimal PDU. You can do it here:

    Online PDU Encoder and Decoder | Open Source @ twit88.com

    For example, for +13123149810, the conversion produces 07913121139418F0. Once you insert this code into SMSC, click Update, then refresh. You should see the code in SMSC. You do not have to reboot the system. As long as you can see 07913121139418F0 in SMSC, you should be fine. DO NOT REBOOT, just close the 4636 menu (I mean go back) and begin to send SMS :)

    Thanks everybody!

  9. lildoggs

    lildoggs Member

    Hey Dennis_Bham funny thing. I havent been on this site for a whiiiile. More than a year later I still pressed the thanks button. My Motto is give credit where credit is due, no matter how long it takes. lol
  10. emilylea

    emilylea New Member

    thank you dennis, am new here and been on the phone all morning trying to get this right. i did what you said and bam first message went thru that I sent. thanks.
  11. murderface1991

    murderface1991 New Member

    I have been everywhere (xda, google, here, bing, and yahoo) and had no luck finding help. I went two weeks sending MMS to respond to SMS because I have a lot of people depending on me to get them information. You sir are my hero. I flashed, restored, reset, removed, replaced my sim, pulled out hair, cussed and gave up then I found this. THANK YOU!!!

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