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  1. bronxy925

    bronxy925 New Member

    So I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S4 Active yesterday. I was able to send text messages yesterday, but all of a sudden today they fail when trying to send. It doesn't even "try" to send, it just automatically fails.

    I can do everything else with my phone, get on the internet, facebook, send and receive calls, receive text messages.. I ALWAYS have a strong signal when trying to send messages.

    I have taken all steps to fix this problem, remove the battery, power off the phone, restore it, download another text app, nothing works. AT&T doesn't even know what is wrong, so I am hoping someone on here can help!

    Please help!!!! Thanks!!!

  2. jpgs4a

    jpgs4a Member

    Sounds like a network error and not a phone your network provider
  3. xbirdmanhdx

    xbirdmanhdx New Member

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