cant send texts or make calls since flash?

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  1. paino

    paino New Member

    i recently decided to flash a froyo rom on to my phone but as soon as found i cant make calls or send texts i flashed back to what i hope is the original rom and i still cant make calls or send texts.

    dose anyone know why this is?

  2. aardys

    aardys Well-Known Member

    did you do a nandroid backup . is so flash it back , then try again
  3. ElasticNinja

    ElasticNinja Well-Known Member

    did you unlock your phone?
  4. Err0r

    Err0r Active Member

    Unlock & reflash!
  5. saintdanbert

    saintdanbert Well-Known Member

    I woke one morning and could not send or reply to text messages. I got
    "Unable to send message" errors from the messaging app.

    When I tried to place a call, the phone immediately went to "Call ended"
    seconds after I pressed "Call".

    Eventually (blush) I noticed that my phone was blinking between H+ and
    E and no-network with minimal, non-zero signal strength.

    After working with AT&T support -- both level 1 and level 2 -- they discovered that there might be troubles with my SIM card. When I got the
    Inspire, I moved my SIM from a Captivate. Before that ... (blush) ...
    It turns out that my SIM card was several years old.

    After getting a fresh SIM from an AT&T corporate store, I've had zero troubles since. Also, I'm also getting better overall performance.

    REMINDER Don't forget to copy your SIM card contents from old to new card. The stores can do that in a blink.

    Hope this helps someone else,
    ~~~ 0;-Dan

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