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  1. sugarspun

    sugarspun New Member

    I got a htc hero on orange a couple of weeks ago and cannot set up a google account. When i try it says "cannot establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues call customer care". Am i doing somthing wrong or is their something i need to do to get this working.

  2. pdragon

    pdragon Well-Known Member

    Call your provider or take it back to the store to ensure you have a data plan and that it's set up properly.

    I was getting this exact same error when I got my Sprint Hero. Sprint didn't have the data plan set to roll out until Oct 11th, but I got my phone the 9th. I was getting that exact error until I called Sprint and they got my phone properly set up to get on the mobile network on the 11th.
  3. sugarspun

    sugarspun New Member

    Just phoned orange and got the most unhelpfull customer care rep, he said i have everything set up on my account for this to work and it isn't an orange problem it must be a problem with google, which i find hard to belive.
  4. DOC777

    DOC777 New Member

    You need to reset your phone and re-configure your Google account (i.e. enter in email add etc during the initial set-up):)
  5. kabbie_mcfeely

    kabbie_mcfeely Well-Known Member

    Before you do this, set up a google account on your PC. Then all you need to do is log in on the phone.

    LABRAT Well-Known Member

    theres nothing to stop you setting up your google account on your pc or laptop.. then you only need to log into the account in the set up part of the whole google mail thing.

    when i updated my rom the other week, the phone was put back to factory settings, i had the exact same problem your having..

    i knew my data service was ok cos id been using it that same day..

    kept getting the no reliable data conection.. after a few hours of re trying it finaly conected with out me changing anything.. funny thing was at the same time i couldnt log into my google account on the laptop eather. so maybe google was haveing a bad day..
  7. sugarspun

    sugarspun New Member

    Thanks all for trying to help, have sorted it now. Set up account on pc but still wouldnt let me log in on phone, so did a factory reset and entered google account information on start up and it worked
  8. lluisanunez

    lluisanunez Member

    I have the same problem, and before I do a factory reset, is there a way to backup my contacts? I did'nt find anything in People app menus
  9. mariscalcus

    mariscalcus Member

    I had the exact same problem on T Mobile. I called T Mobile (who, like Orange as noted above have useless customer service and an unworkable website full of broken links) who told me that my all encompassing internet deal did not include data services ie email. I had to pay an extra fee for it to work. Stupid me - why would I have thought that something as complex and advanced as email would be included in an internet package?
  10. Ziani

    Ziani Well-Known Member

    You Dont need to do a factory reset just set up your account again by following instructions below:

    First go to Settings > Applications > Manage applications, and tap the Google Apps entry. Then tap 'Clear data', and tap 'OK' to confirm. This will delete your Google account details. To enter your account details go to Settings > Data synchronization > Google and you'll be prompted with the set up dialogue. Enter your account details and you're done.

    Hope this helps :)
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  11. pajar0n

    pajar0n New Member

    Thanks, Ziani. I was passed around to 7 different people at Sprint-- 3 of them members of the so-called "advanced technical support" team. 3 hours later, I'd updated my profile, done a soft reset, hard reset... plus loads of other crap. They suggested I visit a Sprint store to have the problem taken care of. Sprint store couldn't figure it out-- after another hour, they offered me a refurbished one. I declined. Called Samsung Tech Support, and they couldn't figure it out. After all that BS, YOUR METHOD WORKED!

    /end rant
  12. johnt7159

    johnt7159 New Member

    I only work in IT so don't ask me to explain this.

    Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 8Gb...
    Power Off
    Remove Sim
    Remove SD Card
    Power On
    Start YouTube and Sign In
    Power Off
    Power On ...

    Google account works!

    I guess this assumes that you have linked your YouTube account to the correct gmail account though. Don't know what happens if you want to use a different gmail account.
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  13. Molive

    Molive New Member

    I've just got this problem on my Xperia X8, I did the Android update earlier, since then I haven't been able to set up the account so I can download apps. I've tried a factory reset and everything, still having the same problem.. only had the phone a day!
  14. miki007

    miki007 New Member

    Thanks Ziani, u are a God.. :D
  15. I still can't get this to work, it just comes up with:

    "You don't have netwrk connection. This could be a temporary problem..." etc.
  16. jounayd

    jounayd New Member

    I soory I do not have Google Apps entry in manage application !!!!
  17. rubinovito

    rubinovito New Member

    I have android 2.2.1 and I don't have Google Apps entry in manage application, too
  18. RadMommy

    RadMommy New Member

    This totally works! I tried it, and although it appeared as if I couldn't log into YouTube, as it kept prompting me to re-enter my info, when I checked in my accounts, it was there! Definitely try the YouTube trick!
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  19. fiero

    fiero New Member

    i have been searching all around the net to solve this issue, and finally the reset option helped me. Clear data in manage application did not do the needful.
  20. josesan311

    josesan311 Member

    This worked for me:

    go to Applications/Settings/Accounts & Sync/then turn on Backround data
    you should be able to get into the android market now
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  21. tawseef

    tawseef New Member


    HTC T MOBILE G1 / HTC Dream / Google1
    When you change gmail account or do factory data reset. Then sign in of ur gmail account to get ur contacts or market entering, the following error message occurs...
    cannot establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues call customer care".


    1 Do factory reset again as u are left with nothing important on phone.
    2 Allow google to collect ur details regarding location etc. Dont uncheck any one of them.
    3 Go to Settings>Applications>Manage Applications> Google apps . Clear its cache.
    4 Turn on ur wifi, wimax, 3G or internet
    5 Sign in with ur new or existing google account
    6. synC ur contacts and enjoy

    If ur problem is solved , dont forget to remember me during ur prayers to God.:adore:

    Tauseif at gmail dot com
  22. htcphsaw

    htcphsaw New Member


    It's driving me spare that I cannot connect to the market anymore, since I deleted my old gmail account but that is what my phone wants to keep signing into for synch etc. When I try and get around it by setting up my new gmail account it fails at the step noted by another user here:
    [QUOTE it says "cannot establish a reliable data connection to the server. This could be a temporary problem or your sim card may not be provisioned for data services. If it continues call customer care".

    I have data services - what is going on? the data clear option in manage apps doesnt work either there is no data clear option in the google apps on my phone.

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