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  1. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    For some strange reason I can't seem to set-up my personal e-mail account on this Droid phone. I click on "e-mail", I type in my e-mail address and my password, and then I click "next". And then I get a message that says my username and/or password does not match. But I am positive it does, as I have gone online to test it. I have tried retyping my username and passwrod over and over again without any success. I can't get passed that screen.

    I have Verizon FiOS at my house, so my e-mail is set-up through Verizon/Yahoo.

    Anyone have any suggestions???

  2. travva

    travva Well-Known Member

    i work for fios. try setting it up manually and if it lets you specify servers try for incoming/pop server and for outgoing server. make sure you also check authentication as well. i havent setup pop on my droid so idk if this works but it does on every other mail client.
  3. artnalex

    artnalex Active Member

    That did the trick! Thanks!
  4. travva

    travva Well-Known Member

    np man! glad to help.
  5. JaimeS

    JaimeS New Member

    I was having trouble setting up my email account on the htc incredible and stumbled on this post. At first I kept getting the "username/account info not correct" alert even thought I thought everthing was correctly entered. I ended up deleting the account and starting over and selecting manual setup instead of next at the intial setup screen. Then I made sure to use my full email address as the username and that the incoming and outgoing info were as specified above. Now everything works as it should. Thanks so much for the info travva.
  6. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

  7. mystereon

    mystereon Active Member

    FiOS doesn't allow use of Yahoo for email anymore, you have to go back to the regular verizon mail servers.
  8. droidverizuser

    droidverizuser New Member

    I don't think you can set up any Yahoo on POP or IMAP etc
  9. droidverizuser

    droidverizuser New Member

    I just set up my droid, I selected the POP option *not manual set up) and used my password and username, worked for me.
  10. ineverstop

    ineverstop New Member

    This information was helpful, thank you. But is it normal for the "sent" folder not to sync with the email application? In other words, if I send an email from my phone it only appears as sent on my phone. If I send an email from the application it only shows as sent from the application.

    My aol and gmail accounts work perfectly in this regard so wondered if I'm doing something wrong.
  11. tchau04

    tchau04 New Member

    I at first was frustrated about this as well. There is so easy to setup my gmail account. Finally, I figured out to set it through the Yahoo mail instead. And it is as simple as setting up your gmail account. You just need to type in your account as user id and password. This makes total sense, because we log in our Verizon account through Yahoo, aren't we =). Have fun!

    With this says, I now log into my verizon email account via internet through instead of This way help simplifies the login process =).
  12. koshki

    koshki Well-Known Member

    This advice still works! I was having trouble setting up my business email, after having set up my personal email with no problem.

    Thank you!

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