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cant sms on w100Support

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  1. chase11111

    chase11111 New Member

    Hi there i am currently in south africa and have purchased w100.i can make and recieve calls and recieve smss but cant sms out.also im installing the os2 and it stays on the lenovo boot screen with the white writing and nothing happens.can anyone help please

  2. Pino13

    Pino13 Well-Known Member

    You are probably putting the Update files on the wrong folder.

    You must decompress the files to your SD card in a folder called "image"
  3. chase11111

    chase11111 New Member

    I did have it in a folder called image. My battery wasn fully charged so gna try again when its fully charged.My main problem is the smsing, do you think the new os will help and have you heard of this rpoblem before
  4. Pino13

    Pino13 Well-Known Member

    never heard about this before, upgrade your OS is a good option.

    If it doesn't work it can be something related to your carrier.
  5. Fishzn

    Fishzn Member

    Hey I'm also from SA and having problems related to connectivity as well. I'm on Vodacom network, what are you on chase? My problem with VC is that the signal drops completely and if I hold the phone at the bottom and block the bottom panel, it seems like the Antenna is blocked from any signal due to the weak signal strength in the area. I have faired much better on Cell C - though I still experience a problem that every time I want to make a phone call, it always drops the call on the first try! Thats for both my carriers - it shows this icon of a simcard with an x in it in the notification bar. However on the immediate next try it makes call? Anyone have ideas what could be causing this? I'm on LeOS 2.0 as well. Anyone know if there are other radios that could possibly be flashed onto the Lephone to improve connectivity? Any help is appreciated.
  6. Fishzn

    Fishzn Member

    Ok just to update, it seemed like the phone has been going into sort of an airplane mode when the call was being made, after trying many different things to no avail, I had to reflash it - well sufficed to say that that did sort out the problem. It was probably a piece of software I had installed that caused the issue, probably widgetsoid(not confirmed at all, just a guess) as I needed an alternative for power control.

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