Can't stream videos using Wi-FiSupport

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  1. star_devilyn

    star_devilyn Member

    I find it weird that if i'm using wifi connection I can't stream videos unless I turn off wifi and use my own mobile network.

    I try using Mobo Player app but still the same thing happen..I got to use my own mobile network.

    I got no problem watching videos on YouTube on wifi connection.

    Can someone help me how to solve this?

  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    How are you streaming the video? I have no problems streaming from a NAS device via the AllShare app.
  3. Jordansharp1

    Jordansharp1 New Member

    Hey, Sorry i know this is a REALLY old post but i found it whilst browsing the internet, i am also having this problem on my Samsung galaxy Ace GT-S5839i whilst streaming videos online, I have been looking for so many days on how to fix this with no result... tried many reboots, clearing data and everything, any suggestions? :(

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