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  1. Tesseract

    Tesseract Active Member

    I upgraded from the Droid 3 to the Droid 4, and was asking about being able to swap phones by swapping the SIM card like I used to do on AT&T (I have Verizon now). The Verizon tech told me that I can enable it by just dialing *228, but that every time I did it, I would need to change out the SIM card in the Droid 4 with a NEW sim card. To me, that's a deal breaker and I would never do it, but he said not to worry, any time I needed to do it they would give me a new SIM card for free. I asked, "Well then just give me a few so that I can do this and not worry about it." Nope. Can't do it.

    Now I have questions: 1. Can I just move the SIM between phones ?

    2. What would EVER change in the phone that would require me to put another SIM card in?

    3. Does this sound like the Verizon employee just being clueless?


  2. AMTrombley0924

    AMTrombley0924 VIP Member VIP Member

    The DROID 4 requires a 4G LTE sim card. The DROID 3 doesn't have 4G so it was never designed to have one. The sim in the DROID 3 is a global one, so you can use it in other countries. The reason you need a new one for the D4 is because the two phones have sims that serve two different purposes
  3. Tesseract

    Tesseract Active Member

    OK, I get that....but if I *228 the phone, does it invalidate the active SIM in the Droid 4?

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