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  1. Shibbey

    Shibbey New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 6, 2010
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    OK, here is the situation. My gf has a droid that the touchscreen went bad. We already recieved a replacement from Verizon. She wants to back up all the internal data that was on the phone using an app like Titanium (yes I know that requires root). The problem being, she can't swipe to unlock the phone to install or run anything to even do the backup.... It is just that region of the screen malfunctioning

    1. Does anyone know how to unlock the phone without using the swipe method. And no, we cannot install an app to bypass this since we can't swipe it to unlock it.

    2. Better solution would be if there is a method of accessing the phones internal memory via the PC.

    3 .Another possible solution I thought of. If we do a nandroid backup with SPRecovery, would that cover backing up and internal data that apps would have creaated?

    Apparently she was using an app for some word processing and some other stuff, and she says it is NOT stored on the SDCard. I don't understand why an app would be designed to hog internal memory like that, but that is what she claims.

    Any ideas?


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