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Can't switch off auto brightness after update to 4.0.4.General

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  1. marcjohnson

    marcjohnson Well-Known Member

    Anyone else find this?

    Keep un ticking the box but it keeps ticking itself with a min or two.

  2. TeyshaBlue

    TeyshaBlue Member

    Did you do a factory reset after the update? There are several files that don't get overwritten completely by the update...sounds like the auto screen might be one of them.
  3. marcjohnson

    marcjohnson Well-Known Member

    I haven't and I really don't want to do it again as I did it after the original ICS.
  4. TeyshaBlue

    TeyshaBlue Member

    Yeah, I understand. I had to do it too for both updates.:mad:
  5. Gti fly

    Gti fly Well-Known Member

    If you factory reset, will you loose all your apps, and therefore need to spend ages re-downloading them and setting them back up?
  6. marcjohnson

    marcjohnson Well-Known Member

    You lose everything. KIES is not working for me now so I can't really back everything up or I probably would do it.

    I can live with the light issue just would rather it work ok.
  7. slatt01

    slatt01 Member

    Upgraded to 4.0.4 and did a system reset to solve issues but your issue still remains.
    Rooted first. Used titanium backup. Did a full reset and then restored apps.
    Did not fix this issue.
  8. marcjohnson

    marcjohnson Well-Known Member

    Glad I just checked in here, just backed up all my photos and was set to wipe my phone.

    Will just live with it as everything else is fine.
  9. Bodestone

    Bodestone Well-Known Member

    You could try using Widgetsoid to make a screen brightness button and use that to change it. See if it does better than the other setting. I use that to change screen brightness and have not had issues.

    It's a shame swiping the notification bar for brightness stopped working in ICS though.
  10. marcjohnson

    marcjohnson Well-Known Member

    Anyone encountered this or found a solution to the problem?

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