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  1. ztedriod

    ztedriod New Member

    today I plugged-in headset to my ZTE android and it turned automatically into headset mode however from now on even if I plug it out android still believe that headset is plugged in which means I cant use my phone without using headset...
    well there is work around to switch on loud speaker during call... but it doesn't make me happy....

    Any ideas of solutions?
    ps. factory reset doesn't help

  2. Ryanteck

    Ryanteck Well-Known Member

    click handset?
  3. Turnba

    Turnba New Member

    I know that this is an old post, but I am having the same problem, but from a different cause. Did you find a solution??

    I've never used a headset for calls, but use normal headphones for music all the time. It's stuck thinking the headphones are plugged in and the only way I get sound from a phone call is if it's on the speaker. I tried a factory reset too.

    I can't find a way of telling the phone there is no headset/headphones plugged in!
  4. Turnba

    Turnba New Member

    Yey, I just found the solution!!!!

    If I'm listening to music I pull the headphones out while I'm receiving a call so that I can speak. So I called my other phone and put the headphones in and out a couple of times. The second time the headphone symbol disappeared from the bar at the top and I can hear and speak into it just fine :-D
  5. peterdrinnan

    peterdrinnan New Member

    In most cases it is a hardware problem. There is a small switch that gets stuck inside the headphone jack. If you can't free it up with a q-tip or toothpick, you're pretty much screwed. There is a software fix in a widget called headsettoggle that fixes this for Android 1.6, but it does not yet work for 2.0+. If you have an Android 2.0+ device as of this writing you will either have to live with it or return the phone and wait 6 - 8 weeks for a replacement. Lots of bugs to iron out before Android gets my seal of approval.
  6. codecln

    codecln New Member

    Did anyone resole this issue, now my handset has the same issue, if anyone know it can be serviced.... rather the replacement

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