Can't sync calendar & contacts to Gcal/Gmail

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  1. 4ngi3

    4ngi3 Well-Known Member

    I am trialing gcal because at some point i might switch to gmail and gcal completely from outlook/yahoo. All entries that i input in gcal sync to my phone fine but any new entries that i input into my phone do not sync to gcal.

    I have checked sync settings on my Desire are turned on for calendar and contacts. Syncing via mobile web instead of wifi.

    All previous calendar items have syncd to gcal but any new items that i put into my desire calendar don't sync to gcal or vice versa.

    I also can't get any of my contacts from my desire to sync to gmail webclient. (this is the first time im starting to use it for email instead of just android market).

    What am i doing wrong i thought this was supposed to sync automatically.

    nb. also i have noticed that since i have setup gmail and gcal to sync, the calendar widget now takes a long time to open when i select a date, or when i'm flicking through to different dates. what is this due to?

  2. 4ngi3

    4ngi3 Well-Known Member

    Well the calendar syncing is now working but still unable to get my contact in my phone to sync to gmail :(

    When I googled it someone said that they had the same problem but could only get the contats on the phone to sync with gmail if they deleted their groups. I've done that and altho it looked like it was taking longer to sync contacts, i didn't actually sync the contacts to gmail.

    When I look the "People" app, select "Menu" then "View" it shows SIM (3), Google (5), Phone (350), Facebook (202). How do I make the one that says Google say 350 like it should?

    I found in a thread somewhere that you have to make sure the contacts in the phone they are "google contacts". and you should be able to sync, but how do i find out if they're google contacts? they were originally contacts sync'd from outlook to the phone. how do i now sync them to gmail webclient?

    Puh-lease somebody help! This is soooo frustrating because everyone says it should do it automatically but it just doesn't

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