Cant sync most of my apps I own to Galaxy Note

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  1. maxima

    maxima Member

    I understand that all applications purchased with same account available on any android device. I have old Galaxy Tab and loads of apps. When I bought Galaxy 7.7 I could load / sync all of them. However on Galaxy Note about 30% is only available. Most of the apps simply not on the list when I open Market -> My Apps.

    Whats wrong?

  2. Mr. Lucky

    Mr. Lucky Well-Known Member Contributor

    They are probably flagged as "not compatible" with the Note (not unusual for new devices). To verify, sign into the Market website with your Google account credentials, select an app, and then expand the plus (+) sign in the green box on the upper left. It will tell you if the app is compatible with all or only some of your devices... and if only "some," which ones. HTH!
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