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  1. Gng760hint

    Gng760hint New Member

    I can't get my DELL STREAK 5 to sync. I have 2.2 on the STREAK and WINDOWS 7 on the SONY VAIO.
    Was there an upgrade from the DELL PC SUITE?
    Honestly, this is not my only issue. I feel as though the user manual is out dated. I'm sure I'm not using the STREAK to its full potential.
    Please, someone help me to LOVE my STREAK.

  2. nb_mitch

    nb_mitch Well-Known Member

    Actually, I have never used the Dell Suite software, I had it installed, but it never worked well. I could get it to see my Streak once out of 10 times and it always seemed to open up when I didn't even have the Streak connected, so I un-installed it.

    My connects sync through Google and I really don't have anything else to sync. I just copy music to the SD card without any special software.

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