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Can't text certain people

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  1. flatH2O

    flatH2O Member

    Hi all! After my update to Gingerbread there are some people I can no longer text. I don't get a fail message...it just plain doesn't send, doesn't look like it even tries. If the person texts me first, I can't reply either. I have not been able to predict which contacts will have this problem. Out of 15 people I regularly text, 2 have this problem. Anyone else? Any answers?

  2. flatH2O

    flatH2O Member

    Should also mention...one is a contact linked to FB and Google. (Unlinking the different contact types, didn't work.) The other is a Google-only contact. All of my contacts are Google in some way, I don't have any that are phone-only. The contact type doesn't seem to have anything to do with it (because I can text other similarly-linked contacts just fine), but I thought I better throw out the info so save someone from asking. Thanks!
  3. Mrstish79

    Mrstish79 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Interesting my hubby is having the same problem. He can txt me, but so far to my knowledge 2 people he can't txt. He's at work right now so I am unable to tinker with his device to figure it out.
  4. BreakerOneNine

    BreakerOneNine New Member

    Having the same problem. Has been since upgrade.
  5. Mrstish79

    Mrstish79 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I called sprint. They tried everything and the only thing that fixed it was a hard reset and that was after being sent to a regular repair person, then the technician and finally the engineer.
  6. slurp812

    slurp812 Active Member

    So a hard reset would have fixed it in the first place? It would make sense to me to at least try a reset before taking it in...
  7. flatH2O

    flatH2O Member

    I was able to fix the problem with one of my contacts (the one with info pulling from different sources) by linking and unlinking it quite a few times. It might just have been luck, though, because the same things didn't work a few days ago. The other contact continues to have the problem. Haven't tried the hard reset yet.

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