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can't turn on my xperia playSupport

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  1. pavloukoc18

    pavloukoc18 New Member

    i just bought my xperia play several hours ago (4-5) i put the battery i turned it on but somehow it started to reboot itself and after i call the xperia support and they told me to download the xperia function tester to see if everything is allright and when i started this app it turned off and now i can't turn it on again (but the red light blinking) what could i do?

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  2. akosimark

    akosimark New Member

    mine too.. if I turn on my phone i only see the sony ericsson pls help me..
  3. akosimark

    akosimark New Member

    Guyss if i turn on my xperia play i only see the sony ericsson how can i repair
    it.. pls help me...
  4. shahids

    shahids New Member

    Have you solved the problem? I am getting similar problem

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