Can't update apps moved to SDSupport

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  1. plim

    plim Well-Known Member

    Lately, I can't update any apps that have been moved to SD. I get the installation failed (triangle with the exclaimation point icon).

    If I move them back to the phone then update, it will work. But I didn't need to do this before. Has anyone else faced this problem?

    I thought it might be because of low space on both the "phone" (getting the low space notification) and the SD card - but I started uninstalling/deleting stuff and that didn't help.

    i also tried unmounting the sd card, putting it back in, no avail.

    running stock 2.2, apps 2 sd free, app brain, not sure what else is relevant...

  2. avanthomme

    avanthomme New Member

    I'm having the same problem with updating apps stored on my sd card. I get an update unsuccessful notification. When I move the application back to phone, it will update successfully. :eek:I think I may be having a memory issue, as my phone will flash the white HTC screen when I hit the home screen capacitive. ZMy sms and keyboard are laggy too. :( HELP!

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