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  1. Warbler

    Warbler New Member

    I'm new to Android and to this site, so not sure if this is the correct place to post...but, I bought my Samsung Galaxy player about 3 weeks ago and it has worked flawlessly -- updating and downloading without problem. Yesterday, I tried to update a bunch of apps and I received a 941 error at first. Now I'm consistently getting a 497 error code after the app/update has partially downloaded. Also having trouble downloading new apps.

    I found I was able to update non-Google apps.

    One post elsewhere recommended going to Settings: Play Store: Clear Cache (grayed out) and Clear Data. No help.

    Another recommended using AppBrain App Market. That allowed me to download the app I wanted. But the Update issue remained.

    Also found a suggestion to turn Flight Mode Off and then On. No help.

    Does anybody have a solution for this problem? Should I do a Reset?



  2. Sideman

    Sideman Well-Known Member

    Welcome, Warbler. If you DL an app from a site then go to the another site to get an update, it won't work. I've only used Google Play and the Samsung Market. Google publishes updates much more frequently than Samsung, but I get updates from them too. I would imagine it's the same with other sites.

    You should only expect updates from the market where you got the app. And usually you'll get a notification that an update is available. As I understand it, this keeps various versions of an app from getting mixed up, and thereby causing problems. Developers don't want users to download just any update for an app. These updates need to be done in a particular order.

    One more thing...whenever I suspect a problem with my SGP5, I always try turning it off, and after a couple minutes, turn it back on. Seems to be helpful...then again I could be imagining things!?!? :eek:

    Maybe one of our gurus can explain it better...I'm not an expert. Besides that, I might not be understanding you question. :eek:
  3. Warbler

    Warbler New Member

    Yes, thanks, I know that (about downloading). I'm computer knowledgeable, just not Android knowledgeable.

    Yes, I get an update notification from Google Play that Samsung (Smart View) has an update as well as Maps, but it goes halfway through the download, slows to a crawl, then fails. This morning Maps finally updated, but I'm still struggling with Smart View. I would blame my flaky DSL, but if I download new programs it doesn't seem to have a problem.

    I have read of other people having problems with Google downloads since the change to Google Play. One guy fixed his with a reset. Maybe that's what I'll have to do. May bug Samsung one more time...

    Thanks for trying.
  4. Warbler

    Warbler New Member

    I fixed my problem. :eek: I had made a change to my router and although I don't understand why, it seemed to affect the connectivity. Those things are still a mystery to me.

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