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Can't Update of Download AppsGeneral

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  1. llNazoll

    llNazoll New Member

    I had my Huawei Activa for about four months now and on Monday it said there would be an important enhancement for it, as it was installing the update it said FOTA error so i took it to a Metro PCS and all they did was a factory reset and it didn't reset anything at all. So today I noticed that i needed to update some apps so I removed some apps so i could update them. Now every time I try to update them it says insufficient space when i have enough space on my SD card in internal storage.

  2. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Hi llNazoll and welcome to the forums! :D

    There is a lot going on in internal storage besides apps that could fill it up... how many text and picture messages do you have on the phone? Have you actually moved apps to the SD card?

    A friend was in the exact same situation, and we were able to move /uninstall apps, as well as trim the SMS/MMS messages a bit. It cleared up internal memory and the phone was functional again.

    Please let us know in Settings --> Storage how much INTERNAL memory you have (and available SD card memory) and we can go from there.


    EDIT: upon re-reading your post, it seems that you have moved apps to the SD card and now can't update them? Is that correct?
  3. llNazoll

    llNazoll New Member

    No i haven't moved them at all, whenever i download an app it goes straight to my SD card.
    On my SD card 7.41 GB total, 6.80 GB available, and my internal storage has 47.27 MB available and 151 MB total.
  4. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    Wow, I wish I knew what to say to fix this...

    But if your SMS/MMS message count is under control and all apps (that don't have widgets) go to the SD card, then I'm running out of things to check. I will see if I can get some help on this one. The factory reset should have deleted all apps and user data/settings/call log/messages. If it DIDN'T, then it wasn't really a factory reset. I would recommend that one again.
  5. bdawg5020

    bdawg5020 Member

    im having the exact same problem as the author of this thread... anybody found a solution for this problem?

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