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  1. s_anella

    s_anella Member

    When I soft rebooted a few weeks ago, I lost a bunch of settings (like wallpaper, default notification sound, skype). Also the HTC weather widget stopped updating on its own. I can manually update it but it stays at one location, not the one I am at. Used to work fine. Seems like "my location" doesn't update for it. I ahve tried to reboot, reload widget, reset my location settings - no change. My stock web browser also resets at some sites (this one especially). Never had this issue before.

    Tried to update my profile and the screen just goes black. Stays that way until I hit the back button.

    Thoughts...? Could really use some help.

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    are you rooted?


    stock ROM?

    how much memory do you have?

    how many apps on board?

    what size SD card?

    have you done a factory reset?
  3. s_anella

    s_anella Member

    Not rooted
    16 gig card
    213 m free memory
  4. s_anella

    s_anella Member

    And I have not done a factory reset
  5. MalloThaPrince

    MalloThaPrince Active Member

    I had the same problem an hour ago today, I just wanted to update my profile and prl just to stay on top of things and bam the black screen with the circle saying please what or whatever stayed up and never did anything on both prl and profile update until I pressed the back button, but a simple soft reboot helped if you do a soft reboot and it doesn't work, then TAKE IT BACK lol
  6. s_anella

    s_anella Member

    I've soft booted many times with no difference.

    My apps count is 49.
  7. Allblackmax

    Allblackmax New Member

    I was having problems with my 4G connection and called Sprint. They had me perform a "restore" on my data settings. Now, I'm having the same problem. I got to update profile, and my screen goes blank. :mad:
  8. mdizzle99

    mdizzle99 Well-Known Member

    I would recommend calling Sprint and having them do a update on your profile as well. I believe they can do one of these from their end while simultaneously asking you to do one on yours. Every now and then I will have issues trying to update prl and profile, but usually turning off the phone and pulling the battery before rebooting will solve the problem. Insure you are in good coverage at the time.
  9. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    this is key...if you have a poor connection or if the network is having issues it will hang.

    often times trying from a completely different area miles away works, and sometimes It needs to sit and process for a while (as ling as 10 minutes)

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