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cant update to 2.2!

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  1. nuckchorris

    nuckchorris Member

    so i unrooted my phone which went smoothly, then i tried to update to 2.2 manually, same process as unrooting basically, however, this time it aborted the update at some point into it. so i now have a stock phone except im not getting pushed the OTA ever and when i look in settings its says my phone is up to date. Do i wait for OTA? i was getting it every time i touched my phone before i unrooted, but no more. any advice?

  2. surfboard3r

    surfboard3r Well-Known Member

    why not just use the RUU? its the same thing
  3. potterdood

    potterdood Well-Known Member

    if you're using the official google update, this is how I had to do it, I took everything off of my sd card(reformatted it fat32) then i put the ota.zip on my card and went into recovery, ALSO there is a MAY OTA I had to update before I did the ota.zip. it took me about a week to figure it out.

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