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  1. Kabob

    Kabob Well-Known Member

    Alright, so I'd been having issues with my phone for a while and finally gave up and called Verizon. They overnighted me a replacement and thus far it's working much better in every way except one. I have the old style Android Market installed and I cannot get it to update to the newer version. I went to XDA and downloaded the stock 2.2.6 APK but when I try installing it through Astro it says "could not open as APK file."

    Any ideas? I installed the Amazon Marketplace app from a downloaded APK so it's not something simple like it just can't handle non-marketplace APKs.

  2. nklenchik

    nklenchik Well-Known Member

    Did you mean 2.3.6? It should download by itself OTA without you even realizing it. Since it's a "new" phone give it a day or two and see what happens. If not, use root explorer (that's what I use) to copy and paste that apk file into the system app folder, something you can't do with Astro I believe. Restart your phone and you should be good.

    Edit: If you don't wanna pay for root explorer, just use and search rootexplorer.apk. I did that a while back...behaves just fine.
  3. eric328

    eric328 Member

    Had that problem once, what worked for me was to clear the cache and data/updates for the market in settings---applications---manage applications---market.
  4. Kabob

    Kabob Well-Known Member

    No, it's 2.2.6, is 2.3.6 the newer version? It's the most recent non-root APK I could find.

    I did this already hoping that would fix it, tiz a no-go.

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