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  1. I was trying to upload pictures to backpage and everytime i do so its says the file xtension has to be a jpg, gif or png. I have converted the files into all 3 of these formats and it still gives me the same error. I dont know whats wrong? Im assuming that once its downloaded to the tablet it changes the format, is there a way to keep it the same?

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  2. lunatic59

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    Does the file name end with a .jpg .gif or .png?
  3. If i take a picture from the tablet it will upload, but if i use a screenshot or a file i download from the internet it gives me that error
  4. Yes it does, i have even downloaded apps to convert the files to those file extensions. No luck
  5. lunatic59

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    I know there were some problems with CMYK jpg images displaying in earlier browsers, so maybe there something in the file format that is kicking it out. You might want to contact the website and see if they have any troubleshooting tips.
  6. I can upload the file fine from my computer, laptop its just the tablet that it gives me that error.
  7. lunatic59

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    It could be a browser setting, but you should ask in the forum for the specific tablet model. Which tablet is it?
  8. Galaxy 2 tablet. And it has to be the tablet changing the format.

    When i click upload it gives me an option to capture the picture. If you do that it will take the picture then upload it fine, but if i try and go back and upload the same picture it gives me that error. So whenever it saves to the hard disk on the tablet it must be changing the format. =(
  9. Also downloaded 3 different browsers
  10. lunatic59

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