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  1. Lucaslucky

    Lucaslucky New Member

    Hi, I am new to Android. I am very happy with my LG G2X but somehow I can't use the camera while on the call like I used to able to do it with my BB. Sometimes when I am on the phone and see something intersted, just want to take picture of it. Thank you in advance for your help

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  2. EmceeGeek

    EmceeGeek Well-Known Member

    This is the first Android phone I've had that this has happen with.
  3. dsgns

    dsgns New Member

    Looking & looking for an answer and and have yet to see anything. I've never had a phone where I couldn't talk & use a camera at the same time.
    What's the deal with the G2x?
  4. WhitDanielle

    WhitDanielle New Member

    Try downloading a camera app like Vignette ... Works perfectly while in a call... camera and video! Good luck!
  5. dsgns

    dsgns New Member

    Vignette works great for this issue, thank you WhitDanielle! :D

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