Cant use market bc gtalk is gone.

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  1. Nashtown

    Nashtown New Member

    My phone is rooted (htc hero) however I erased gtalk because I don't use it. And now the market does not work. here is where it getd confusing. I downloaded the adk file for GTalk but with out a installer (which I could get from the market if it was working) I can't open the gtalk, restore the gliche with the market and finish building my phone back up. Help Its a visious cycle I can't figure out how to stop. Seems like a need a way of geting a fully functional gtalk or at least an install on my phone? Any suggestions.

  2. seanyt66

    seanyt66 Active Member

    i had exactly the same problem! pm me and i can email you the apk files (there are 3). you will need to open the email on your phone, save the attachments on you sd card and then open them. this should sort your problem as it did for me.

  3. r0ckstarr

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  4. alayton09

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    Hi sean. This is my firdt time posting but I've read too many threadsto count on this exact issue and this is the one that'll work for me I think. Could you please email these files to me too? Thankyou!
  5. jerofld

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  6. seanyt66

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