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  1. devmountain

    devmountain Member

    Hi all,

    Just got a SII as a warranty replacement for an S and the first thing I did was an OTA update to 4.0.3.

    Now I want to encrypt the device (to comply with my company's IT policy). I've set an unlock password that complies with the rules (6 chars and at least 1 number), and gone through the two options "encrypt device" and "encrypt sd card".

    The phone reboots, encrypts (take about 30 mins) and then reboots again, however, when I am prompted to enter the password to decrypt the device so I can use it, the password I've set doesn't work!

    I've reset the phone to factory defaults and formatted the storage three times now and each time I encrypt I get the same issue!

    Has anyone else got this problem? Any ideas what I can try?

  2. DaveSyd

    DaveSyd Well-Known Member

    Don't have an answer for you I'm sorry - but curious on the reply because i was considering doing the same.
  3. devmountain

    devmountain Member

    No responses from anyone having the same issue (sadly) - Samsung have offered to re-flash my device for me, although I'm not convinced that it will help. Once I get it back and try again, I'll post an update.
  4. devmountain

    devmountain Member

    OK - so my phone arrived back today :)

    I switched it on - without a SIM card in.
    Set a screen lock password.
    Asked it to encrypt.

    Phone reboots, encrypts and reboots again, but still the password is not recognised.

    Not a happy bunny!
  5. esnertov

    esnertov New Member

    I know it's been a while since the thread started, but I just had that same problem yesterday.

    I started the encryption process on my new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and when it was finished the phone rebooted and then requested the password. I obviously used the only password I put on the phone and the system kept telling me the password was wrong (when I was sure it was the correct one). After several unsuccessful tries, the phone automatically wiped itself, deleting more than 200 pictures I had there. I know it was my fault for not backing up the pictures before, but still I lost all the information on the phone for something that wasn't my mistake.

    I am 100% sure the password I was entering was correct, but still never worked. I then encrypted the phone again and exactly the same problem appeared.

    What the hell is wrong with this system?! Why does this happen?! A system bug like this shouldn't even be out there. Google must correct this now!

    I don't know why more people haven't complained about this. Would it be a random thing?

    I obviously tried a lot of ways to get the photos back but none of them worked. They're gone forever :'(
  6. gp_android

    gp_android New Member

    Courious if you could solve the problem, as it was already a few month ago.

    I went into the same issue last week. I have to run the encryption to be able to access the corporate email account.

    Did an upgrade of my Samsung Galaxy S2 to 4.0.3.
    After a factory reset I started the encryption. Before that I had to set the screen lock password that is obviously also used for the encryption. Did set a 8 digit password including numbers and special characters.

    After finishing the encryption and restarting, the phone requested the encryption password, but the password wasn't accepted.
  7. devmountain

    devmountain Member

    In the end I managed to get our policy changed to not enforce encryption for my device (a benefit of being in the IT department!)

    I now have an SGS 3 and that is perfectly fine after encryption. I believe it to be a bug in 4.0.3 on the SGS 2, but have seen no confirmation of this.

    Sorry that I can't help any more!

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