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Can't use phone while charging! GSIISupport

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  1. Baderism

    Baderism New Member

    This is my first post on this forum and It's my first day using android OS.
    I bought the Galaxy S II 6 hours ago and I just came back home and plugged the device on the wall outlet charger, It charges just fine but I can't use the phone! the screen isn't responsive unless I unplug the charge! I'm using the latest firmware and installed few apps.

    any idea what's going on?
    thanks in advance :)

    P.S.: Is ok that the phone reboot itself from time to time?

  2. Baderism

    Baderism New Member

    Can anyone help me please? I really would like to use the phone! It keep shutting down!
  3. rajeshsehgal

    rajeshsehgal Member

    Use a different charger.when I use the official charger I can use the phone while it is charging but when I am using the local charger the phone is unresponsive unless I plug out the charger.
  4. Gearu

    Gearu Well-Known Member

    I hope he didn't get a S2 that was returned by someone else, seriously where do the busted ones go?
  5. Shofar

    Shofar Well-Known Member

    I am using my old Desire car charger and have no problem with using the phone as it is charging. Works for 3G and navigation too.
  6. DroidGamers

    DroidGamers Active Member

    Are you using some sort of screen protector? I know that the glass protector from SGP has this problem when plugged into a charger (apparently because of electric static discharges)... But the device definitely does not "reboot from time to time" - that's worrying! probably a faulty device..
  7. Remeniz

    Remeniz Well-Known Member

    Make sure you remove all the plastic protection stuff on the phone. If this still happens then return the phone.
  8. stuent

    stuent New Member

    hi i have the same issue when charging either from the samsung charger or when charging from the supplied USB lead plugged into my loptop

    whats going on???
  9. Medion

    Medion Well-Known Member

    The screen seems to undervolt when certain chargers are plugged in. This reduces response. If you have a screen protector, that will further reduce responsiveness. Here's what to look for to help in these cases;

    -look at the ratings on the charger. Default Samsung charge is 0.8A (or 800mAh). USB will always cap at 0.5A. Samsung doesn't recommend anything over 0.8A for their devices, and HTC chargers are typically 1A. Some go as high as 2A. The higher the amperage, the more responsiveness you will lose on this screen while plugged in. So, get yourself a lower powered charger, or use the supplied USB cable and plug into your PC/laptop, if you want to use while charging. Also, avoid the 1A and higher chargers. Just because HTC uses them doesn't mean they are suitable for all devices. Sure, they're fine, but I'm not a fan of using more than what the OEM for your device recommends.
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  10. samsungs2x

    samsungs2x New Member

    Having the same problem up here in canada. The screen is somewhat responsive but is almost impossible to unlock it if you have a pattern while its plugged in. I work for a carrier that sells the s2x and my clients are expierencing the same issue. An other issue is that the battery status always reads100% seen this twice. Otherthen awsome phone

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