Cant view photos on my phone! HELP!

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  1. Bought a LG-P690b (Optimus Net) brand new. got about 150+ Pics from my computer as well as like 20+ camera pics. now when i goes into the gallery, it says "loading new photos, please wait." i have been waiting for over 1 hour now and not one photo has showed up. :mad: I feels like beating up my phone up but thats not going to solve anything. i got a 8gb SD card in there as well and my videos show up fine and my music but not my photos. Please help? thank!

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    Try this. It's WAY better than stock gallery.
  3. Is there a way where i can do it without going online on my phone? i got no WI-FI around my house.. and i cant go online on my phone.
  4. Without a connection, any connection, it's impossible.
    If you know someone that has it installed they can make a backup which should result in an .apk file. Put that in your SD card's root level (via a Bluetooth or USB connection) and you should be able to install it on your phone. Otherwise you will need either WiFi or a mobile phone connection (2G, 3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE, etc.).

    What's the point of a phone if you haven't got it connected to any networks?

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