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  1. Wrinkly Ninja

    Wrinkly Ninja New Member

    Greetings all. I'm not convinced my problem is specifically related to the One S, but I'll post it here anyway.

    I've owned this phone since June and it was originally locked to O2, was unlocked and used on Giffgaff, an O2 offshoot - probably irrelevant. One of the apps I particularly wanted to use was Google Sky Map, duly installed and run successfully for a day or so. Other apps installed, as one does, but when I came back to Sky Map, the app was frozen, as were seemingly all compass function apps.

    Various uninstalls & reinstalls later, a system reset and a factory reset and this function still was inactive. Returned to HTC for fixing. No better - all worked OK for a short while then stopped. Returned again and this time internals were swapped ,but now the microphone wouldn't work. Third return and an unlocked sim-free handset was returned.

    As soon as I loaded my profile from Google, initially it worked, but later most of the sensor again seemed to fail. I've tried the full factory reboot then logged in with a totally new Gmail account, but no change. Phone Tester app shows only readings from proximity and light sensors - no gyroscope,compass, mag. field or accelerometer. Lookout AV has always been installed.

    Should I shoot myself or the phone? I admit I'm not any sort of phone expert, but I don't think I'm that dense as to so consistently screw this thing up.

    Any ideas people please, in (moderately) simple terminology?

  2. Wrinkly Ninja

    Wrinkly Ninja New Member

    No-one come up with an answer?

    Finally found it myself anyway ......................... I keep it in a flip case and it's that which is interfering with the sensors.

    Simple and obvious when you know the answer.
  3. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    Ahhhhhhh. You had me stumped
  4. Wrinkly Ninja

    Wrinkly Ninja New Member

    Had myself stumped for the last 4 months too.

    Who'da thought some cretin would actually design a phone cover that wasn't permeable to EM radiation?

    Pure chance find, otherwise I'd still be chasing my own tail over this. Are there many more cases like this out there, I wonder?
  5. dongemus

    dongemus Well-Known Member

    You should post a review about this on amazon and maybe some other sites to warn people.
  6. Wrinkly Ninja

    Wrinkly Ninja New Member

    That's why I've posted it here in an Android Forum. Also on the HTC users and XDA Dev's as well.

    Can't see much point in going to Amazon, the troublesome case came from Ebay (where else?) so pointless chasing it there.

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