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    Canvas ( allows you to replace paper based forms and collect data using your mobile device. Canvas currently supports Android, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry - with iPhone and iPad support coming shortly.

    Canvas supports standard data capture and advanced functionality like signature capture and image capture.

    The process for using Canvas is:
    - Build a data collection app using Canvas, or browse our catalog of pre-built data collection apps (individual app example)
    - Collect data using your Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile device
    - Collected data is then stored in the Canvas centralized servers and can be turned into PDFs, exported to Excel or integrated with backend systems via web services.

    Some links:
    - Walk through of how to create an Android signature capture app in 5 minutes here
    - Video walk through of how to create a BlackBerry data collection app here
    - Link to the Canvas Android App at AppBrain here

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    We are proud to announce that Canvas now supports capturing GPS coordinates. So, in addition to capturing standard data, like text, date, time and signature, you can now capture the GPS coordinates where the device is located.

    See our announcement on our website for more information.

    GPS Capture Using Your Android Or BlackBerry - Canvas 2.11 Released

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