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  1. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    Anybody else experienced this issue? Here's the pattern of this bug:

    1. The capacitive buttons stays lit (when the screen is on) while charging if the battery is not fully charged (orange/yellow LED indicator).

    2. The capacitive buttons do not stay lit (when the screen is on) while charging if the battery is fully charged (green LED indicator).

    It's very annoying fumbling for these buttons in the dark while being charged at home. I use my Evo mounted in my car for the most part with full time charging (a must for the Evo) for navigation, music, etc. It is a safety issue during night driving when I have to fumble for these buttons in darkness. HTC/Sprint probably has a disclaimer about this somewhere but still, a bug is a bug. They should do something about it. After all, my guess is that this is a simple coding fix on their part.

  2. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    Yea, I've noticed it, but once you use the phone for about two weeks, the button location becomes second nature.

    Just something to live with.
  3. terry1769

    terry1769 New Member

    Just noticed it today. Weird behavior. I figured it was just me.
  4. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    I just got off the phone with HTC and said they're going to look into the bug. Hopefully, we'll get a fix on the next OTA update. We'll see.
  5. MalloThaPrince

    MalloThaPrince Active Member

    dang that's neat lol something new about my evo finally again..i never noticed this until you guess spoke up about this issue..but doesn't make me hate my evo one bit though
  6. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    Well that's just it, we have no real major bugs left. Since our phones are now nearly perfect, there's nothing to complain about except little nitpicking inconviences.
  7. AndroidSPCS

    AndroidSPCS Well-Known Member

    LOL safety issues?

    Being a bit melodramatic?

    If it's a safety issue you shouldn't be messing with the phone at all when driving!
  8. mcl1981

    mcl1981 Well-Known Member

    Seriously? The safety issue is not the unlit buttons. The safety issue is you.
  9. Putty

    Putty Well-Known Member

  10. chaotik

    chaotik Member

    hahah i was just about to say that
  11. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    What are friggin teenage troll! Why do you have to expose your trollness here. If you can't say something constructive, go out to your parents backyard and play with your marbles.

    If you were gonna flex your troll muscles, at least make your fellow trolls be proud of you by not making corny elementary comments like you just did.

    Poor little troll who cannot speak for himself and resorted to jumping on the troll bandwagon.
  12. droidjock

    droidjock Member

  13. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    Is this guy serious? Yes I'm sure androidspcs with his 1200+ posts is a huge troll. Trolltastic. Trollicious. How about you mister 6 posts and already namecalling?
  14. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    Never mind.
  15. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    So if anyone has an opinion different than yours they're automatically a troll? I'm sensing extreme hostility, do you have anger issues?
  16. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    Why is 1200+ post a measure of superiority? Please explain that kind of mentality to me.
  17. chaotik

    chaotik Member

    hahaha look at this kid
  18. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    Where do you get that I was making him out to be superior? He has 1300 posts so I'm assuming if he was a troll he'd be kicked out of the forums a long time ago. Whereas you come in here and your already namecalling members that don't agree with you...
  19. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    A shrink you are not. You'll probably fare better as a tarrot card reader. Please don't patronize me.

    Yeah, the good ol' "it's an opinion" cop out...and you are speaking for this dude because...
  20. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    ...don't agree to what? Reread his posts and try comprehending it this time around.
  21. chaotik

    chaotik Member

    Evoixmrftw likes this.
  22. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    Why do always start your posts with "hahaha". It's kinda synonymous to "Duh". Can't you do better than that?
  23. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    This is a public forum. People are gonna have different opinions than yours. You can't whine and cry and call everyone a troll every time it happens.

    Oh, and as for protecting androidspcs, just felt ironic that a newbie was calling a senior member a troll with little reason for doing so.

    You say its a safety issue, he said it isn't. That's what we call a disagreement. Maybe YOU should comprehend what your reading.
  24. droidjock

    droidjock Member

    No, man. I'm just passionate about exposing mentally challenged individuals who pretend to be smart.
  25. Evoixmrftw

    Evoixmrftw Well-Known Member

    Lmao beat me to the punch with that last post chaotik.

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